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April 24, 2007



I like it Bryan....Maybe change the word Risky to Aggressive...Risky is almost synonymous with reckless...or maybe thats what you were going for...the feeling of right on the edge.

Keep up the good work


I actually did choose the word Risky on purpose. The word "risk" often has a negative connotation, but it shouldn't. The best runners take calculated risks all the time.

Thanks for commenting!



haha just for curiousity's sake, would you consider Pre to be a risky or reckless runner? I mean he front runs like 99% of the time but he does complete his races and produce respectable results.


Hi Dom,

I'd definitely put Pre in the "Risky" runners group. The only quality of the "Reckless" guys that he had was that he tried to prove he was faster than everyone all the time. On the flip side of that, he usually was faster than everyone all the time.

Actually, the more I look at my descriptions of each, the more I think Pre is the epitome of a "Risky" runner. Nobody did it better, or at least, nobody did it with more charisma.

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