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March 14, 2008



The mindset of all great leaders is not "Do or Die" but "Do or Do!" For example:

Andrew N.

Man, that's a great quote. I'm gonna keep that in mind when I try to score with the ladies tonight . . .

Hey, I've been meaning to say hi. Your blog is really awesome. I'm glad you're updating it daily. Sometimes I have time to read it at work. It really motivates me to do more than surf the web on company time. But seriously, there's a good collection of entries here to make up a book: the Bobby Fischer entry is pretty awesome.

- A



Thanks for the reference. I'll definitely be giving that quote some more thought!


I'm really trying to update it but work has been a BEAST lately. I've been getting 3-4 hours sleep every night, usually 3 if I decide to post something. That's why I love when I get a great quote like this that just kind of defines the post for me.

Anyway, glad to see you're reading my blog and that it's inspired you to change your tactics with the ladies!

Beverly D'Amico

Seth: I like your definition of persistence. It also reminds me to never give up on my dream to be a successful entrepreneur.

It was great meeting you in NY in January for our guest speaker at the Meetup meeting. I have recommended your latest book to many people.

I was the lady who had the Video Technology business. I have recently relocated to the San Francisco Bay area on the Peninsual from Ft.Lauderdale. Let me know if you would like to come out and do a guest appearance at one of our meetings sometime.


Ryan Biddulph

Great post on persistence.

I feel that persistence is keeping at it. "It" means your goal. Keep your goal in mind as you go about every daily activity and persistence becomes a habit. Once you have developed persistence as a habit it's only a matter of time until your goal is achieved.

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