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April 12, 2008


Peter Vigneron


A friend sent me a link to your blog. Thanks for your thoughtful (and even flattering) post.

I should be clear, though: I don't think for a second that the rest of us should forget about beating the East Africans. I meant to say, and it was perhaps unclear, that I've READ that we should forget about it.

Thanks again-- I enjoyed your article.



I thought you were very clear. I totally understood that you were not saying we shouldn't try to beat the East Africans. My regret--which I should have phrased more carefully--is that the attitude you read about is so prevalent. You're not the only person who's read that kind of hopeless approach to thinking about why we don't beat them more often. I have read and heard it plenty of times, and it really frustrates me.

Why in the world would anyone, in any activity, just concede victory to someone else based on something they don't even know is true?

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