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December 05, 2008


The Other 50

As to the Macus O'Sullivan reference, based on cross country, although these two Kiwis seem like a strech, they seem like the only possible suspects:

Hugo Beamish,SO (72nd in 30:39 at Nationals, 2nd in 31:37 at Regionals). Also, NZ U20 Champion - 5000m (2007)


Carl Mackenzie,FR (199th in 31:48 at Nationals, 70th in 34:48 at Regionals) - WOW, how about a 3 minute improvement from Regionals to Nationals! Also, New Zealand U20 Champion - 800m & 1500m (2007)

Maybe Brian Long, SO, 3000mPR of 8:24.37 and won Penn High School Relays at 3000m in 2007? He didn't run at NCAA CC Nationals or Regionals.

I didn't see anybody else with this type of potential who only runs on Villanova's track team, but my research wasn't super thorough.


I'm with you on the research. I did a cursory look and didn't see anyone who stood out to me. And since Beamish and Mackenzie are from New Zealand, I assumed they couldn't be the people to break Bob Kennedy's records.

I wonder if he was referring to Bobby Curtis. Didn't he go to Villanova?

The Other 50

Good call on Bobby Curtis. 6th at the Olympic trials in 13:35 is awesome for a 23(?) year old, still a little ways to go get under 12:58.21. . .

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