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July 10, 2009



Interesting article. I've been thinking about this. One thing that I think you have to also consider is that Fam has been racing a lot this year. As you said, he had the fastest 5000m time of the year. But he has also been doing a lot of road races. It seems like I hear about him doing another one every week (including the Peachtree road race right after). When this one came around, he didn't have enough gas in the tank. Maybe he's just trying to win a bunch of prize money, but I think this is a big reason he didn't qualify for Worlds, not just because of his racing tactics. I do have to say it was extremely entertaining to watch him surge back into the lead after falling off the pace for awhile. We don't see enough heart in races, so that was great to see. I think the pro athletes get a little too measured in their approaches rather than running with their hearts (e.g., the article you posted today about Barringer). Thanks for an incredible blog. I read your entries as soon as I see them.


Thanks Steve,

I think you may be right about Fam. Many pros have tailored their seasons around the USA Champs (and/or Berlin, depending on their abilities). Fam seems to have started racing early and seems to have no plans to let up. He's run a little bit of everything it seems. So he may have been tired or a little over-raced going into USAs. I guess that's just another indication that he wasn't prioritizing Berlin the way others were.

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