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Some people run slow and others fast...and I can teach you why


Hey, my name's Bryan Green. I'm currently working as a consultant at Trianz, writing this blog, and absolutely dominating the track stars biographical lens niche at Squidoo. Prior to this...I did other stuff.

I was a graduate student at UCSD's Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies. My focus was on International Management and Japan. During my first year I ran my first ever marathon (Rock 'n Roll Marathon: 2:39), finishing as the first San Diego resident, for which I received an award from the mayor. I was particularly satisfied given that I spent only one hour a day on my training (which was the inspiration for Thtweeky Training).

Prior to entering IRPS I lived in Japan for three years where I taught English at Yonezawa Higashi (East) High School. I taught myself Japanese and ran on the Yonezawa City Ekiden Team. As the first foreigner to compete in the Yamagata Prefectural Ekiden (in its 49th year), I became somewhat of a local celebrity. Translation: people stared and pointed, as opposed to just staring.

Before venturing off to Japan I studied philosophy and education at UCLA, where I was also a walk-on member of the track and cross country teams. I struggled in my first years, but gradually developed into a successful runner, particularly when I began to incorporate learning theory and cognitive science into my training. I improved to the point where I earned three cross country MVP awards, twice qualified individually for the NCAA Cross Country Championships, ran the 9th fastest 10k in UCLA history, and received the PAC-10 Conference Medal for excellence in athletics, academics, leadership and community service. I also got to run with this guy and this guy, which was cool.

My Personal Records

Marathon: 2:39
10k: 29:25
8k: 23:57 (cross country)
5k: 14:19 (indoor)
3k: 8:12
1500m: 3:50.14
800m: 1:56 (practice)

I am also a one-time Chocolate Malt 2-mile champion, as well as a former UCLA Alumni 2400m champion. As far as I know, the eight(?) high school records I was a part of at Littlerock High School are still standing as well, and any evidence to the contrary is and will always be suspect.

I am now hoping to share all that I've learned about running and personal achievement with the rest of the running community through my Optimal Training blog. I have run slow and I have run fast, and the difference was primarily mental. Unfortunately, I didn't learn this stuff until late in my competitive career. I hope by introducing what I've learned to younger runners, I can play a small part in making people faster runners, better students, and more successful in all their life pursuits.

I have a beautiful wife, Rika, and an awesome cat, Mimi.


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