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September 06, 2008


Jimmie R. Markham

Hi, Bryan. Thanks for the shout out. I wouldn't say I'm compiling all of it (that webosphere sure is a big place!) but I am using a combination of technology and good old-fashioned surfing to try and cull the stuff that's not worth reading and present the *good stuff* to my readers. I'd say if it's not on my site, it's probably not worth reading--or else it was too difficult to find. And, with the availability of RSS, that's inexcusable for a news website.

Jimmie R. Markham

Man, that last comment sounded so arrogant! What I meant was that if links to the major news stories about running/track & field are not found on my site, they probably weren't worth reading because I would have scrutinized and approved all of them by the time I posted links to them on my own site.

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